Recover from any data loss with Bluefactory Restore

Minimize data loss and downtime by restoring Salesforce data, metadata, objects and records.

Restore form

Comprehensive restore

We provide smart options to restore your Salesforce data quickly.

Bluefactory operates as a standalone service, so you can access your backups even when Salesforce is down.

Restore form ganular

Flexible granular restore

Recover an entire object or a set of records filtered by SQL query.

Access, search, and restore Salesforce data by selecting specific records.

Restore form relationships

Maintains Parent-Child Relationships

Your data will be recovered, with parent-child, parent-parent relationships, with unlimited levels deep.

Bluefactory is a powerful tool for restoring your Salesforce orgs to any point in time.

In just few clicks, we restore your metadata, and then restore your data - be that one record or a complex hierarchy of data.

Restore form cross org

Cross-org restore

We provide the ability to seed sandboxes with backed up data from your production instance or another Salesforce sandbox.

Effortlessly copy relational data into your sandboxes for better testing and faster deployments

Restore form data anonymization

Data anonymization

During the restore process a personal data can be anonymized to remove access from consultants, developers and admins.

With few clicks, pseudonymize your personal data and keep valuable business data safe.

Backup gdpr

GDPR compliant

During the restore operation, Bluefactory pay attention to the data subject has requested to be erased or corrected.

Bluefactory provides GDPR features to record every GDPR request and check/apply it for each restored record.

Protect your Salesforce against data loss

We take care of your Salesforce data & code